ClamWinPortableDBUpdate popup notifier
ClamWinPortableDBUpdate is a tiny open-source program that updates the virus definitions database in your ClamWin Portable installation without your having to launch ClamWin Portable, click on menu bars, etc.

Consider using ClamWinPortableDBUpdate if:
1. You are using ClamWin Portable on a removable storage device (USB flash drive, etc) and you want a one-click way to update virus definitions.
2. You are using ClamWin Portable on a fixed drive and you want to automate virus definition updates—for example at login or at a fixed time every day.

Please note that ClamWinPortableDBUpdate will only update virus definition files. It will not update the ClamWin Portable executable. Also, ClamWinPortableDBUpdate was designed to work only with ClamWin Portable. It is not designed to work with regular ClamWin or with other portable versions of ClamWin.

ClamWinPortableDBUpdate has been tested with ClamWin Portable 0.95.2 on Windows XP SP3. It is not currently maintained.

ClamWinPortableDBUpdate was written and maintained by Mithat Konar.

© 2006-2008 Mithat Konar